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Corporate Training Topics & Seminars
On Site Training

OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Training Construction & General Industry
Effective Training Techniques for Today’s Safety Professional
The Fundamentals of Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis
Celebrating Our Cultural Diversity
Workplace Violence

Root Cause Analysis Training


The BSI Training Philosophy



According to the Edgar Dale cone of experience, people remember:
• 20% of what they hear
• 30% of what they see
• 50% of what they see and hear
• 80% of what they do.

Armed with these statistics, BSI has adopted a training philosophy that utilizes audio, video, and experiential training to achieve the greatest return on investment in the safety training arena.

Based on focused feedback, BSI trainers perform pre-assessments with digital cameras and camcorders and create customized training programs that feature the employees themselves as living examples of both safe and unsafe ways to perform their job duties.

Interviews, tips, techniques, and training guidelines from fellow workers and supervisors are incorporated into the training sessions (both live and taped) to ensure that there is an identity with both the material being presented and the peer group of the people involved in the process.


Fit Testing/ Respiratory Protection Training


The Benefits of BSI Training programs


• Increased employee participation with existing safety programs

• Increased employee morale

• Increased productivity and workplace communication skills

• Fewer job related injuries

• Reduction in workers' compensation claims

Frequently Requested Training


  • The Key Elements to Incident Investigation /Root Cause Analysis

  • SUPER SAFETY VISION / Safety Skills for Today’s Supervisors

  • The Power of Cultural Diversity

  • Effective Training Techniques That GET RESULTS

  • What to do When OSHA Comes a Knocking

  • Fall Protection Training

  • Contractor Safety & Your Spanish speaking Workforce

  • OSHA & Cal/ OSHA 10 hour or 30 hour Training Programs

  • How to Effectively Communicate & Work with your Spanish Speaking Workforce

Spanish Speaking Safety Meeting


Additional Frequently Requested Training


  • How to Develop & Implement Your IIPP / Injury Illness Prevention Program

  • Violence In the Workplace

  • Fleet / Vehicle Safety Training

  • Safety Orientation- in English & Spanish

  • Cultural Diversity Training

  • Supervisors Safety Communication Skills

  • The Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene

  • “How to Train Your Spanish Speaking Workforce”

  • “How to Develop Your Spanish Speaking Safety Program”

  • “Success in the U.S. for Spanish speaking Employees

  • Sexual Harassment Training

OSHA Training Mexico City



OSHA TRAINING / Honolulu Hawaii

• OSHA 10& 30 Hr. Construction –English & Spanish

• OSHA 10& 30 Hr. General Industry-English & Spanish

• Cal/ OSHA 10& 30 Hr. Construction –English & Spanish

• Cal/ OSHA 10& 30 Hr. General Industry-English & Spanish



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