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Training Material & Other Resources


BSI can support your organization and employees with timely and up to date training materials in the form of :

  • Training DVD’s

  • Power Point Presentations

  • Books

  • Pamphlets

Here is a sample of some of the products which we have to offer: DVD- 28 minutes $145.00 + Shipping & handling “Spanish Speaking Workforce/ Communicating for Safety & Effective Production”


Description: Do you work with Spanish speaking employees? Are you sometimes frustrated by the communication & cultural gap? What if you could increase and improve communication, employee morale, productivity & workplace safety? You will learn how to: Train your Spanish speaking workforce, improve productivity, understand your Spanish speaking workforce.

CD Power Point Presentation narrated with Live Recording- 45 minutes $45.00 + Shipping & handling “How to Effectively Manage & Communicate with Your Spanish Speaking Workforce”

Description: This is a Power point presenation narrated with live recording from presenation titled “How to Effectively Manage & Communicate with Your Spanish Speaking Workforce” You’ll learn about simple and practical tips for working and communicating with your Spanish speaking work force.


Cassette Recording-“Everything You Must Know About OSHA & Safety but Didn’t Have Time to Ask” 60 minute recording : $35.00

Description: Basic & fundamental information about OSHA and workplace safety requirements for employers.


Tip Booklet “How to Improve Your Success as a Hispanic Professional” 52 Real Life Business Tips $5.00


New Book “Spanish Speaking Workforce GRINGO Manager. MAKING IT WORK! Suggested price $35. + shipping


Description: This brand new book with updated information and beneficial tips will help the reader understand their Spanish speaking employee. This is a practical guide full of tips for closing the communication and cultural gap with this ever increasing Spanish speaking workforce. We will provide tips for motivating and training your Spanish speaking workforce.


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