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Bilingual Corporate Risk Management Services

BSI Inc. has the experience and the professional designations as bilingual Certified Safety Professionals, CSP, Risk Management Professionals ARM and highly qualified and effective corporate trainers. As highly qualified professionals we bring practical, real world solutions to your unique issues. With our experience and professional qualifications we take the time to evaluate, study and understand your workplace issues, develop a customized and appropriate plan of action and then apply the appropriate workplace solution to the customer’s satisfaction.

“Possessing Over 28 Years of Highly Qualified, Professional Risk Management and Corporate Training Services”


BSI provides bilingual corporate training and risk management services in the areas of loss prevention and workplace safety. Services are geared towards the

  • Construction

  • Oil & Gas

  • Agricultural

  • Hotel & Hospitality

  • Manufacturing

  • Landscaping and General industry

We apply high performance methodologies through technical vehicles such as: job hazard analysis, behavioral based safety programs and training, workplace hazard evaluation, hazard recognition programs, safety program development, loss analysis, safety program evaluation, workers compensation loss analysis, highly effective communication and safety training programs, root cause analysis, safety focused feedback strategies, team building and facilitation techniques, safety inspections, OSHA required safety training, translation services and train the trainer programs. We utilize a dual prong approach consisting of focusing first of all on the losses at hand while at the same time evaluating the organizations strengths and weaknesses in the area of safety and loss control. A plan of action is then developed to implement and achieve desired results.


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